When it comes time for a flower shop to have their own wedding, do you think they hire someone else to do the flowers for them? We did have a wedding, and we did not, could not, imagine anyone else doing our flowers! Our youngest son married our talented designer, Opal, this past April. We are so blessed to have her as part of our family. 

The wedding venue was the Secret Garden located in Northern California’s Bodega Bay. Everything was amazing and perfect. The venue was magical. The food, the music, the friends and family, the dancing into the late night were all memorable.

During the planning, the very first thing we did was dream big, and throw the budget out the window. What fun!

We recruited family and friends to help with the arrangements. I am so grateful for their help, and it made the work much more fun.

Thank you Opal and Anthony. We wish you a long and blissful marriage!