About Us

Welcome to Tranquility Lane Flowers

~ Established 1990~

Tranquility Lane Flowers is cut flower farm & flower deign studio located in the rural mountain town of Whitethorn, California. Our wild and lovely flower farm is located on the country road that is our namesake ~ Tranquility Lane ~ just a few miles out of the town of Garberville, in far Northern California.

 Our floral designs have a regional flavor with added touches from our forest foraging to add wild & seasonly beauty reflective of our lovely area. We grow a large variety of gorgeous flowers here on our farm offering you the finest quality and freshest locally grown blossoms available.

We love our planet and strive to keep our business as green as possible by practicing organic regenerative & sustainable flower farming techniques.  We care deeply about the environment, soil & water and are committed to conducting our farm, studio & online business in harmony with nature. 

If you love local, sustainably and naturally grown flowers, you’ve come to the right place.


Donna Lovatto, farmer & designer

From a very young age I knew I needed to follow my heart and express my creativity. I found my passion and inspiration connecting to nature. I always dreamed of living in the country, so when my husband Danny and I found our lovely wild family farm here in the Lost Coast region of Southern Humboldt we knew we had found home. We established our flower farm so that we could work from the farm while raising our family. Our family and farm has grown over the years. Today the grandchildren run wild through the mountains rivers and fields while we work raising our flowers, food, chickens, turkeys, ducks & sheep along side the flowers. Floral design and gardening have continued to be my passion, and I love all aspects of flowers, from garden to vase. We started out by selling our flowers from a flower cart in the early years, but then opened a cute little shop and became the local go to florist in Garberville. Those fun and busy years of being in flower shop taught me the skills of a master florist.  But I missed my garden, so I moved back to the farm and now work from my studio.  Flowers are still what spark my passion, whether it is gardening or flower arranging. I love how the seasons change my palette. I love that flowers express emotions for us, & I love that they can make people so happy. I am enchanted with how lifes  traditional celebrations throughout history have always been decorated with flowers.





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