Caring for your Valentine Roses

With just a little extra care you can get a full week or more of enjoyment from your long stemmed lovelies.

At Tranquility Lane we have done the hard work of finding the absolute best roses available for you. Each step of the way from farm to your home they have been kept at optimum temperatures and humidity. When your roses arrive they will be ready to open beautifully.

We have a few great tips for you to follow:

If your flowers arrive wrapped, prepare your vase by cleaning it well with soap and water; even a little scrubbing and bleaching is well worth the effort. A previously used vase can be hiding dried algae from the last bouquet it held. Fill the clean vase almost full with cool water. Add your package of flower food.

Classic Dozen Wrapped Roses:

Yes, those water tubes should be removed. (We get asked this a lot!) If you can, cutting your rose stems under water in the top of your vase is ideal. If this makes you nervous, be sure to move them from water tube to vase as quickly as possible.

Remember, a rose stem is like a straw that the flower is sucking its water from. If the end of the stem sits out of water for more than a few seconds it starts to seal itself off as it dries out. If your vase and water get dirty, that stem end will get clogged with tiny particles that are unseen, but in the water. Either way, it is time to cut about ┬Ż” off of the stem end.

Vase Arrangements:

You will notice how much water the roses drank after the first night. Add fresh water every day right up to where the leaves are. The leaves will make your water dirty, so no leaves in the water.

Recut your stems at least every 3 days, and you will notice them perk up each time!

Final Tips :

Flowers will open more slowly in a cool room and quicker in a warm room. Try to be sure they are not right next to a heater or fireplace. If you are away from home you can store your bouquet someplace very cold (but not freezing). Also, they do not like to sit in a sunny window no mater how pretty it looks!