Planning the Flowers For Your Wedding

Planning the Flowers For Your Wedding

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Gardenias in the fountain.
The floating gardenias lend their fragrance to create a memorable wedding!


Choosing your floral decorations can be an enormous task, but it can be fun and your florist can help. A good florist will listen to you talk about your ideas and know how to make your dreams into reality. Remember, it is your day.


 The first meeting with a bride helps us know what she likes as well as dislikes. A flower shop has its own special language but we love flowers and will help you! You can see our flowers and pictures to help choose your flowers and colors. Bringing a layout of your location can help. Also pictures you like or samples of your colors are great.


Working with a budget is part of the picture, but it does not have to limit creative decorating. After years of weddings our budget stretching tips come in quite handy. There is always a cheaper or more expensive flower to create a similar look. We will let you know gently if you can’t have peonies from New Zealand in September!


One of the things I love about weddings is creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Years later those memories can still be triggered by a song or the fragrance of your bridal bouquet. When you think of your Grandmother, what do you think of? Her favorite flower or that special vase she always used can be the perfect sentimental connection. Use all five of your senses as well as your favorite memories to create links and generate ideas.


Creating in scale with the location is a must.  Can you create illusions or make your flowers do double duty? Too small of flower arrangements in a large space can be a disappointment. You can spend lots of money putting little bits of flowers everywhere but with very little impact. Nothing will stand out. One or 2 large arrangements will make their presence felt in the space. Flowers can create a mood, and help your guests feel indulged. Really look at your space layout and think about views and focal points as you plan your event.


Overall, remember this day is yours, make it a party you want to attend, not work at! Enjoy the process, its over in one quick afternoon! 



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