Romantic Garden Style Wedding Flowers

Romantic Garden Style Wedding Flowers

Our first wedding was about 25 years ago. With plenty to learn and tons of ambition we jumped in with both feet into the deep end!  Back in those days every flower came from our own farm fields. Word spread about our cut flower fields and greenhouses and the orders just kept rolling in. Such a feeling of success for ourselves, young farmers and floral designers. Lucky for us we had that key ingredient…passion!

All these years later we have seen many trends come and go. So many that they are actually trending all over again! The one thing that has not changed is the actual tradition of the wedding. It’s quite beautiful actually, that moment when the bride and her maids have dressed and primped. Flowers in hand they prepare to meet their loved ones for a ceremony and celebration. Oh the emotions of that single moment!

Thankfully as our business has grown we have been able to keep modern with today’s brides partly because of our younger designers. The combination of old school rules and youthful artistic floral design ideas has been one of our strong assets. The flower shop as well as  the event side of our business has been able to keep up with today’s trends. We are continually exploring and learning new styles and techniques as they become popular with today’s brides. We have access to a whole world of flowers, but still plenty of garden flowers to keep that fresh from the garden feel.

Please enjoy our album of Gardn Style Weddings, featuring our most recent work.

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