Roses, roses, roses!

Sometimes I am certain that my favorite flower is the Rose. When tulip season rolls around I am almost swayed to believe otherwise, but then I get a whiff of that perfect fragrance… 

…  and I am gone. Completely over the moon, in love. In my 25 years as a florist and a lifetime of gardening, I have found nothing that is quite as romantic. But I am not the first to discover this, judging from the amount of poetry written for this wonderful flower!

        GARDEN ROSES– one of my pet projects has been growing roses. I have a great collection of varieties, and one greenhouse dedicated to growing these long stem beauties for cutting. It has been a learning experience, with mistakes and all, but I love it still. There is always a new variety that I need to try!


Finding that perfect shade of blush, the exact purple of a snip of ribbon, or the perfect lushness for the romantic look, these are my tasks when designing wedding bouquets. I have been trying to learn the roses by name to make my job easier. I have been collecting the pictures and names for some time now, and learning each roses good and bad points. Here are some of my favorites:

  Quicksand Rose has an amazing color!
Free Spirit opens big and ruffly, has fragrance, and a great vase life!

Hearts Rose also opens big and ruffly, such a great and different red rose.

The O’Hara Rose is a great old fashioned romantic variety.

There are great new varieties being grown by the California Rose Growers. Many new spray roses, they are the perfect size for a floral crown.

The Old Fashioned Garden Rose and the David Austin Roses have been super popular the last few wedding seasons. The Flirty Fleurs website has been doing some great studies that are real helpful also.

And finally, the roses we use for our everyday bouquets in the flower shop really have to have a good vase life as well. Here are a few pictures of the ones we are testing recently.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. Give us a call if you want your next vase of roses to be something perfect!


Welcome to Tranquility Lane!