Many many years ago Danny and I would drink our coffee at shop that sat across from a flower shop in Santa Cruz, California. The flower shop was no bigger than a closet. It was just overflowing with plants and flowers. That shop was the prettiest place I had ever seen, and has been my inspiration ever since. The little shop fell to the ground in one of those big famous California earthquakes, but it’s memory has stayed forever with me!

So now, I am here in my own teeny tiny flower shop. I am always thrilled to set up our fresh flower display, visit with my customers, and play with the blossoms daily. To me it is also one of the prettiest places I have ever seen.
Welcome to my floral design studio, Tranquility Lane.
If you visit Garberville, do stop by to discover the fragrance of our little spot. The building is quite cute with its high transom windows. I hear it was the library for the town. Across the street was once the old livery stable for the local blacksmith.

Until then, enjoy your photo tour of Tranquility Lane!



We started our career selling off of a handcrafted flower cart, street vendor style. When the historic building became available it was a natural transition.




Tranquility Lane Flowers

432 Church St Garberville CA 95542

707 923 7877